The gun in Division 2 Boosting actually sounds like an M4

  • Posted by Foging sam
  • April 14, 2019 5:51 PM PDT
The gun in Division 2 Boosting actually sounds like an M4

The gun in Division 2 Boosting actually sounds like an M4. The one in Division 2 sounds like a generic film stand-in. The exact same can be said for frags, while the reverse is true for the shotguns. Or an actual? I believe the winter setting of the first game is a whole lot easier for your backstory of the game, and of course discovering suspended corpses gave it a much eerie setting. Division 2's summertime setting looks great for what it is, but it looks like Crysis.

Sound is much better is The Division 2 Boosting. The grenade explosion has a ring on it, the guns have a fade efffect that accounts for much more depth and variety of bullet traveling and of course that the music so far has ben much more exciting in the beta when it works;)I presume snow appeared as its easier to pay all things with one advantage that's white and make it look fine. I think The Division 2 looks better but only by a little margin since there's more assets that are placed so it kinda does need to appear messy and trashed. The ecological effects are more various as well.

I think the only area The Division 2 gets the similar feel to The Division 1 is if you are in the tunnels or the darker regions while being outdoor isn't as extreme as the game. Might need to do with all the more tight packed streets of NY versus the broader open regions of DC.Regardless the game has much more things to do and various quests and lots of loot so I cant wait to perform with it.

Personally I prefer the look and setting of The Division 1. The city, the sow, the ambient winter winds just beautiful. The Division 2 only look like a upgraded sports roster with a new arena to play , same controls interface ect. Perhaps it will show better to a, but I just don't see it. The real hurdle is can not get over is the still present bad AI, and shot gun into the head of a NORMAL HUMAN does not equal dead. I am sorry but rpg/mmo light just does not work in a semi or modern contemporary setting.